Bobo’s Story

By November 17, 2017HOUSTON 2017



This beautiful pup is Bobo, Bear’s brother. During the evacuation he got so anxious that he tried to chew his way out of the metal crate and split the whole front of his snout open.  They had to be transported a second time from the church that we were staying at to a makeshift shelter that was further away from the epicenter of the flooding (where we set up our supplies distribution center). Being locked in the cage for such a long period of time, he ended up going to the bathroom and was caked in poop, including all over his snout.  Worried it may get further infected, we took him out, got him cleaned up, and got the open wound on his snout cleaned up and treated as best we could. It wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience but Bobo seemed far happier once it was over.