The Obstacles

By November 17, 2017HOUSTON 2017



This is the original crew: Six of us in total driving three trucks. The picture was taken at the end of one of our last days there. We linked up with an amazing group of locals, and the owner of a local BBQ joint, the Honky Tonk, allowed us to use his restaurant to set up a massive hot meal station. There were roughly 20 of us in total and we estimate we were able to serve about 3000 FREE hot meals that day! And not just any hot meals, we’re talking smoked brisket, pulled pork, baked beans…the works. We also sent many of the meals back out to the front lines to ensure the line crews and other first responders we’re well fed. Having a hot meal in this type of environment can be game changing. By the end of the day, word had spread across the entire area, and the entire parking lot (which was huge) was full at one point. Seeing so many people from totally different backgrounds come together to help one another was incredibly inspiring.

The group of people we linked up with were absolutely exceptional. There are too many kind and generous people to name, but one gentleman who stands out is a Marine veteran who had recently lost everything due to the flooding. Instead of hopping in line to receive a meal, he took over and manned one of the grills for several hours on end without taking a single break! Keep in mind this is a very hot grill. There is no AC anywhere because there is no power, and it is extremely hot and humid. He  did all this with a smile on his face. It was truly an incredible act of selflessness that will stay in our minds for a long time to come. We salute you sir for continuing to serve our country even after active duty. Jarred Sanders, one of our officers and a fellow Marine veteran would say: ‘once a Marine, always a Marine.’